Romania starts BRUA pipeline project

Romanian state-owned natural gas transporter Transgaz has signed the deal for the three gas compressor stations within the Bulgaria-Romania-Hungary-Austria gas pipeline (BRUA). The winning consortia which will build the stations was fined in the past for bid rigging with Transgaz, local reported.

The consortium is led by INSPET Ploiesti, which will execute the EUR 62.7 million contract. Seven other companies are part of the winning consortium: Petroconst, Moldocor, Habau PPS Pipeline Systems, IRIGC Impex, Sutech, TIAB and Roconsult Tech.

The winner will receive the official construction work start on April 14, pending signature.

The first phase of the BRUA pipeline will consist in building a 479-km natural gas pipeline from Podisor to Recas in Romania, connecting the existing pipelines. The three gas compressor stations will be located at Podisor, Bibesti and Jupa.

The BRUA pipeline will pass through 10 Romanian counties: Giurgiu, Teleorman, Dâmboviţa, Argeş, Olt, Vâlcea, Gorj, Hunedoara, Caraş-Severin and Timiş. The BRUA Phase 1 should be ready in 2019.