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The best tool to find foreign equivalents of world steel grades information on properties of world steels is included in the database now!

Information on steel grades
List of the countries covered by the grades
Software features

Information on steel grades

WinSteel database provides information on 175 000 steel grades referenced worldwide.

You will find detailed information on every steel grade (chemical composition, standards which cover the grade, equivalents).

30 countries are covered.

Detailed and updated information on steel grade is provided :

  • chemical composition
  • mechanical properties
  • list of standards covering the grade
  • information on other designations
  • foreign equivalents
  • additional information

List of the countries covered by the grades

Steel grades based on the standards of 30 countries :

USA Poland Spain
Germany Hungary Russia
Canada Czechia Georgia
Japan Slovakia Armenia
Italy Bulgaria Tajikistan
France Romania Kyrigistan
Switzerland Turkey Moldova
Belgium UK Ukraine
Korea Finland Kazakhstan
Australia Norway Belarus
Brazil Sweden Azerbaijan
China Austria Uzbekistan


+ European steel grades (EN)

+ International steel grades (ISO,IEC,UIC)

Software features

1) Search system by standard, country of standard, designation

List instantly all the steel grades of a specific standard


2) Search system by chemical composition

Find immediately all the steel grades that match a specific chemical composition


3) Search of equivalent steel grades

– Search for equivalent steel grades directly in the list of equivalents


At that you can compare compositions and properties of the sample grade and its selected equivalent.



WinSteel 7 software is available in two forms

The current WinSteel 7 version can be purchased in one of the two forms namely WinSteel 7 Base or
WinSteel 7 Prof.


WinSteel 7 Base WinSteel 7 Prof
Information on steel compositions OK OK
Information on steel properties OK
Information on foreign equivalents OK OK
Search for close grades by comparison of compositions OK OK
Search for close grades by comparison of properties OK
Seacrh for a grade by known composition OK OK
Search for a grade with properties you need OK



WinSteel is proposed on a 12 month subscription basis.

The subscription is automatically renewed for the same duration.

Subscribers must send a fax or an email to Simdex Publishing at least one month before the end of the subscription period to terminate the subscription.

WinSteel is available on :

Software download + Internet updates every 3 months during the subscription period

WinSteel 7 base Euro € USD $ GBP £
Single activation 390 530 320
2 to 5 activations 590 795 480
6 to 10 activations 790 1060 650


WinSteel 7 Prof Euro € USD $ GBP £
Single activation 590 795 480
2 to 5 activations 890 1185 730
6 to 10 activations 1190 1580 970


WinSteel 7 VIP Euro € USD $ GBP £
Single activation 1090 1470 890
2 to 5 activations 1635 2205 1330
6 to 10 activations 2180 2940 1770

How do I receive Internet updates :

– An email is sent to every user when a new data update is released

– Data updates can be downloaded directly by the user


1) Online order

Online order

2) Offline order
– print the order form (PDF or Excel) and fill it out
– scan and email to or fax it to +33 (0)1 39 56 88 00

WinSteel 7software

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