France and Russia are holding TAPI Gas Pipeline talks

Negotiations on the company, which will head the Turkmenistan-based pipeline project through Afghanistan and Pakistan to India are underway with the French company Total and a member of the Rostec company RT Global resources, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said Monday. « Negotiations with France’s Total and Russian RT Global Resources regarding the syndicate for the TAPI project are under way. The parties reached agreement on the schedule during the last meeting of TAPI’s steering committee. It is expected that future agreement will help implement the project on time, » Sharif told RIA Novosti in an interview. The minister stressed that the gas pipeline project must be completed as soon as possible and that Pakistan would like to see all parties involved in TAPI adhere to the schedule and complete the project. « The project will not only contribute to the needs of customers in energy, but also strengthen the cordial relations between the members of the parties of the TAPI project, » he added.