Enbridge announces largest project in its history

Enbridge has announced the largest project in its history, the Line 3 Replacement Program (L3RP), which will run from Alberta, Canada to the Minnesota-Wisconsin border in the US.

Estimated to cost CA$7.5 billion (US$5.48 billion), the L3RP will be a 1,659 km transnational crude oil pipeline to replace the Line 3 pipeline which was installed in the 1960s.

The Canadian side of the pipeline will run between Hardisty, Alberta and Gretna, Manitoba. On the US side the pipeline will extend from Neche, North Dakota to Superior, Wisconsin.

Enbridge will be responsible for decommissioning the existing Line 3 pipeline, including removing oil, cleaning and physical disconnection, segmenting and continued monitoring.

The replacement pipeline will serve the same purpose as the original pipeline, transporting all grades of crude oil from Canada to the Enbridge terminal near Minnesota and then onto the Enbridge station and terminal facility near Wisconsin.

An assessment in 2013 determined that Line 3 was the most appropriate line to be replaced in order to maintain system integrity while limiting disturbance to landowners and communities.

The L3RP is anticipated to create 44,400 temporary full-time equivalent jobs in construction and contractors over the course of three years, as well as boost local and regional economies through the purchase of local materials and services.