Bonatti will perform construction of Coastal GasLink pipeline project

TransCanada has announced that it will proceed with the construction of the Coastal Gaslink pipeline project after a decision to sanction the LNG Canada natural gas liquefaction facility near Kitimat, British Columbia (B.C.) was reached recently by the Joint Venture Participants of LNG Canada.

As recently announced, Bonatti – through its subsidiary Pacific Atlantic Pipeline Construction – is the selected contractor to perform the construction and testing of 2 out of 8 sections of the 670 km long 48 in. pipeline in a climate-challenging region, for an estimated value of CAN$500 million.

Pacific Atlantic Pipeline Construction will be directly responsible for hiring a projected 700 workers over the project construction period, with special emphasis placed on hiring locally first, giving priority to qualified local and Indigenous businesses in Northern B.C.

Once constructed, Coastal GasLink will become a critical component of Canada’s natural gas pipeline infrastructure, connecting the Canadian abundant, low-cost natural gas resources to global markets.